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Bailey Merlin


Bailey Merlin is a talented writer with a rich background in fiction and media, medicine, and health. She holds an MFA in fiction from Butler University and an MS from Harvard Medical School, and her writing has been published in numerous literary magazines, The Lascaux Review, ellipses..., Honeyfire Literary Magazine, Bandit Fiction, Anti-Heroin Chic, Chantwood Magazine, Drunk Monkeys, Dime Show Review, Streetlight Magazine, Into the Void, Crack the Spine, among others. In addition to her writing, Bailey has co-performed a spoken word short story album, Bug Eyes, with award-winning jazz guitarist Richie Smith. She is also the librettist of the opera ¡Dime! An Opera in Four Acts. Based in Boston, Bailey lives in an intentional community with a dynamic cast of humans, a toddler, a dog, a cat, and a friendly ghost. 

The Bond House

Bailey moved into The Bond House on January 1, 2018. Having recently moved to Boston to start a new chapter in her life, she took a leap of faith and became part of the first cohort of this communal living concept. The house and its revolving cast of characters served as the inspiration for her novel A Lot of People Live In This House. At its coziest, the house had 14 members, a baby, and two pets. The idea of the home is to create a space for Boston residents to have a community of folks who care about each other built right into the home. Although there aren't strict rules binding this particular community, food is always a binding ingredient for people in the home, giving way to events like the real-life Chopped night.


To read more about the house and experience a slice of life in an intentional community, click below!

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