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Boston: Day 5

It’s been a few days since I have written about anything, really. It’s not my fault. I’m depressed, even more so since I left Boston. Everything about the trip was perfect, but few days will hold a candle to my trip into the city. Seriously, Boston, keep it up.

Suffering from the deep and wretched effects of drinking too much, I started my day in Harriet’s sun room with a trash can between my legs, deciding whether or not I wanted to vomit. Having decided that being sick wasn’t the name of the game, I spent the better part of an hour whimpering in bed.


Paul Revere’s handsome mug

But Mama didn’t raise no quitter, and I refused to have my day ruined by drunk Bailey. So, after making myself sick, I got dressed and we left for a day in the city. We started out in the Boston Commons, which was full of college kids and so, so, so, SO many tourists. And boy, was I one. We walked along the Freedom Trail and entered nothing but cemeteries, because the kid is broke.

There are a lot of really cool places to sit in the city, allowing for plenty of time to watch people go by in  outfits that range from “Wow!” to “Wow…” People-watching is my favorite pastime. But also, I felt myself being watched quite a bit, too. Maybe I’m more aware of it these days, or maybe my dress was a little too short (probably both), but I was definitely getting the old up-down. I know that might come across as conceited; however, I have never really been aware of myself as a grown-up and desirable human being. To have the chance to come to that realization while on this trip just solidified the feeling that Boston kicks ass and that I’m coming into my own skin.

If I had one complaint, it would be that my puny legs cannot sustain so much walking. We had to Lyft back to Harriet’s place before getting ready to go out,  again. Our next trip took us out to Jamaica Plain to a hole in the wall for some head-to-head improv comedy. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but a tiny room with 50 chairs and a platform at the front of the room probably wasn’t it.


Dr. Sam and his beautiful “wife”

And yet, in a matter of minutes, Harriet’s roommate and his team transformed the stage with the simple means of pantomime. We traveled from a doctor’s office to the DMV to a race down the freeway with a helicopter filming overhead. In a way, it was almost as miraculous as it was hilarious. The team they were competing with was great, too. In fact, I’ve never seen a scene go so well with one of the cast members performing through a phone.

After, Harriet and I got to do the whole awkward routine of hanging out with people who were definitely not our friends at a bar. But, being as charming as we are, we blended in well and enjoyed ourselves until it was definitely time to go home with her roommates (11:30, and not a moment later). I can’t tell you how nice it was to feel like I belonged. I can’t tell you how much I miss it.


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