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Checklist to Live By

As I prepare for an incredibly busy September, my anxiety has been creeping up…a lot. I mean, there’s a fine line between anxiety and excitement, but my body is very good at being anxious. To cope with getting married, taking on more responsibility at work, and going to grad school, I’ve definitely been flexing the organizational skills. Thanks, past me, for having on eye on the future, even if it is exhausting.

  1. Make preparations for the rest of your life by starting a checklist

  2. Live by the checklist

  3. Walk 10k steps a day

  4. Eat your vegetables

  5. Take your supplements

  6. Drink more water

  7. Read a book a day

  8. Write at least a page a day

  9. Find appropriate lighting for the tent and backyard

  10. Design bar cart area

  11. Make stage

  12. Finalize wedding photo shoot list

  13. Find board games for wedding

  14. Work on your second job

  15. Excel at your first job

  16. Get a promotion

  17. Be humble

  18. Wear your dresses

  19. Find jeans

  20. Finalize your master’s project idea

  21. Learn how to network

  22. Be more politically active

  23. Don’t rock the boat

  24. Work on yourself

  25. Learn more about sabbats

  26. Don’t be too “out” there

  27. Commit to social media schedule

  28. Don’t be too “much”

  29. Manage mental health

  30. Walk the dog

  31. Be a good sister

  32. Be a good daughter

  33. Be a good friend

  34. Be a good housemate

  35. Maintain your boundaries

  36. Travel more

  37. Invest in your home

  38. Have fun

  39. Save money

  40. Meditate

  41. Have more faith

  42. Be realistic


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