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Creative Accountability

After two straight months of no rest, I have at last arrived on the other side. All of my creative projects are still here, unfinished, and yearning to be more. No more excuses to be found or conjured; there’s only work. In a way, it is very exciting to be busy with things that are meant to improve my life. In another, it’s overwhelming. Something that has been of great help to me over this last year is an accountability partner to check in with every week. Because of that relationship, I think I’ve developed more work in eleven months than maybe my entire life. Suffice to say, projects are not finished alone.

Now I’m working on a new cover letter. It’s a class assignment that’s meant to be building its way to a complete product fit for agents’ inboxes. We’ve done this dance before, of course. That soul-crushing waltz of “no thanks” and the like. How many tears have been shed because of this particular art form? The difference this time is that the story isn’t about the French Revolution (which no one but me cares about, apparently), and I have more knowledge about writing cover letters. There isn’t even the same level of doubt in me as before—I know my work is good; it’s just a matter of finding the right partnership.

That’s it, that’s the post. I’m writing it because I said I would, and I thank you for keeping me accountable. Projects are not finished alone.


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