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New Podcast: Bisexual Killjoy

Bisexual Killjoy. it's not a phase; it's a phenomenon.

When I started my master's degree journey in 2022, I never imagined that it would lead me to co-found a podcast about bisexuality. Yet, here I am, almost a year after graduation, making content for the first season of Bisexual Killjoy. Bisexual Killjoy is an informative, hilarious, and occasionally spite-fueled podcast dedicated to everything bisexual+ (all pansexual and non-monosexual friends welcome!). Fronted by two bi+ folks willing to talk about anything and everything bi+, you can expect to hear good stories, meet bi+ scholars and advocates from around the world, and learn how to be a better Bisexual Killjoy.

I met my co-host, Lynn Rios Rivera, through the Bisexual Resource Center a few months ago. The volunteer coordinator introduced us after finding out about our research interests, mine around bi+ health and Lynn's more scholarly. We co-presented a paper on bi-erasure and enjoyed the experience so much that Lynn asked if I wanted to start a podcast. And, instead of the conversation petering out, we actually did it.

Now, once a week, I crawl into my closet to record while Lynn yaps at me from a Zoom screen. It's great fun. The response has been slow going but going. We get emails from folks about once a week to let us know that they were happy to find our work. That makes my heart happy. There are plenty of meme accounts and media channels that talk about bisexuality from a social perspective, but Lynn and I talk about it from a political advocacy perspective.

The podcast is for bi+ folks, allies, and LGBTQ+ organizations that want to do a better job for meeting the needs of the invisible majority. Tune in wherever podcasts are streamed.


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