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Projects in Progress, pt. 1

Every year, the master’s students I work with at Harvard give a five-minute presentation on the work they’re doing out in the field. It’s a hard thing to encapsulate months of work in that amount of time (though three or four always go over their allotment), and I admire them for it. Really seems to focus their attention; to help them hone in on what’s important. In that spirit, I will attempt to do the same for myself and those of you on a path of creative exploration and growth.

A Lot of People Live in This House (WIP)

I have completed a substantial first draft and am currently reviewing with a handful of beta readers who were kind enough to give me their opinions, praise, and critique. While incorporating their notes, I’ve begun to write a cover letter that I will use to shop the novel in search of the right agent. Despite the months between completing the first draft and now, I’m still fond of my work and think it has legs.

Art of the Pitch

I decided to learn how to be better about marketing my creative work instead of just mumbling through things when asked what I do. The class itself has already cracked me open to the need for pitching your work. Not in a skeevy marketing sort of way, but in a way that clarifies what exactly it is you are doing and why.

Short Story/Poetry Cycle on the Major Arcana

This idea for a series of pieces inspired by the major arcana of the Rider-Waite tart deck naturally floated up as October crashed down around me. For most of this month, I will be reading tarot in Salem, and the stories that sit down before me demand to be written about. Whether this project becomes anything more than exercise remains to be seen. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy myself.

Wedding Planning

My mother came and went a week or so ago, and during that time, we worked on some projects for my wedding next year. I bought a beautiful dress, picked flowers that will dry all year and adorn my tables, and am diligently working to pay for my and my partner’s wedding bands. There are many wedding-related etiquette things that I’m not aware of that my soon-to-be mother-in-law has been gracious enough to educate me. It’s all very overwhelming, but the end result will surely be lavish. As long as I don’t get to attached to the outcome, all will be well.

With October already busy and bound to get busier, I can only remind myself that all will be well.


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