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In Salem, there are a lot of doors. There are a lot of doors to be seen and a lot of doors to be seen by the right pairs of eyes. Not everyone has the gift; this is just something you’ll have to accept. But, if you do have the gift, then those doors are yours to open. That in itself requires a different set of skills, brave ones, but you can go far on something like bravery. I’ll tell you where one is (a door, that is) if you promise to say anything to anyone. This must remain between us. Here are your instructions.

  1. Arrive at the end of Essex Street. I don’t need to tell you which end.

  2. Take 77 steps in the right direction.

  3. On your left, there are three doors, though only two are visible to the naked eye. To your eye, however, you’ll see what I mean.

  4. Casually approach the door as though you’ve conducted business this way a million times before.

  5. Hold your breath.

  6. Cross the threshold.

  7. Freefall into the dark.

  8. Don’t scream.

When you’ve reached the bottom, you’ll land on your feet. From there, of course, the journey is different for everyone. I can’t even tell you what you’ll find there, other than what you need. For some, it is clarity; for others, it is lost items. For the truly gifted, you will find who you’ve been missing most. I’m the sorriest for those with clear sight because you can’t take that missing out with you again. You must be satisfied for the moment and let it go when you leave.

But you knew that already, just like you know how to find these doors, just like you know you’ll never find this one again.


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