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The 2018 Wrap

Most importantly: I embraced crop top freedom.

Another year has come and gone, and I have to admit that 2018 was amazing. With 2017 being such a roller coaster, the consistent joy of this past year was a relief. I found myself in this position of, for the first time in years, feeling utterly safe and comfortable–which led to this bizarre experience of being able to flourish (sort of like a house plant that’s been replanted in more enriching soil).

If you’ve read the blog for even a scrap of 2018, you know that this year has been kind to me. From that first January day to the final crisp December minute, I have been blessed by joy and growth. I could detail every little bit that’s happened, but I encourage you to join my adventure by reading previous posts. My life is in ribbons for you to enjoy.

Here’s the list of things that I am so proud of that it’s a little ridiculous:

  1. Published 11 pieces this year. That’s fucking unprecedented. It was a continuous slog of submissions and rejections, but there were these perfect moments of acceptance that made me feel like a real writer. Wow. If you want the hit list, let me know.

  2. Went to Paris again, taking my first international solo trip. It was difficult and liberating in equal measure. Don’t like a modern art museum? Thank you, next. Bruh, this is the attitude I’m adopting for this next year in full.

  3. Learned how to actually like being alone. Alone time is essential to who I am now.

  4. Got in front of my depression and anxiety by allowing myself to feel joy (note to reader: depression is not easily conquered and I understand that).

  5. Learned how to cook for parties–got so good that people want to pay me for it.

  6. Casually dated some people. That’s right, me, I was casual about something for the first time ever. You know what? It was great.

  7. Made some friends so amazing that I can’t imagine my life without them.

  8. Took the time to go to some bitchin’ concerts.

  9. Went to some parties and had a grand old time. Wow, girl.

  10. Started taking more initiative at work. I’ve been given a giant project that will help me develop as a professional in my field. Yas, kid.

  11. Refused to stop growing.

Thank you, 2018, for your kindness and wisdom. I continue to be in love with every moment that I am blessed with breath.

Here’s to 2019, may it be as illuminating.


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