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The Summer of Yes, year 2

As many of you know, last year sent me careening into an entirely new mindset and lifestyle. Gone was the overly-prudent-and-homebody Bailey, and in her place was the new cool-sophisticated-ready-for-adventure Bailey. It was the summer affectionately dubbed: The Summer of Yes. It changed everything. Now, many months and adventures later, I find that the Summer of Yes has returned. Hallelujah.

A few months ago I posted about finally feeling “awake” after many years of just sort of existing. Since then, I have made it my mission to continue improving upon these positive emotions and learning how to actually enjoy my joy. I’ve read books about psychology, confronted my own personal misgivings, started ruthlessly cutting toxic people and habits out of my life, and told myself every day how worthy I was of happiness.

Then this amazing thing happened: Good, joyful things started happening to me. I started saying, “Yes” to anything that wasn’t obviously harmful, and everything changed. After all, wasn’t it through that very mentality that I got a job at Harvard, moved to Boston, and took a huge trip to Paris?

In the last two months alone I have had the chance to meet some wonderful new people who treat me as well as I treat them (what a concept!); I’ve gone to so many parties and have enjoyed myself immensely (will perhaps write a book on the topic in my twilight years); the bonds I have with my roommates have deepened to the point that I actually feel secure in this new community. On and on.

I am so fucking happy, and I want everyone to know. The Summer of Yes is on again. I’ll see you crazy kids out there.


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